Long sleeve lingerie portrays elegance within the marital home. Long sleeves on her beach clothes tend to render a body nippy-free during the winds amongst the seas. Shop sensual LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie to save money on both. Buy robes with sleeves that fall lengthy below the elbows to see-through lingerie teddy that sheath all the way down to her wrists. Bunny rabbit costumes and schoolgirl lingerie roleplays. Long-sleeve lingerie robes for him to sensual negligees. Click inside to collect from this everchanging array of sexy long-sleeve beachwear plus lingerie to clothes with sleeves that wrap around the arms. Plus, save a lot of money at checkout while securing body heat at home and the vacation rental hotel. Do you know that the word destiny literally means a life lived at its fullest? When we live our lives destined in God and following the Holy Spirit, we can achieve our Creator’s ultimate design.

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  • Reversible Coverup

    $43.25 Coverups & Clothes

    Oh So Sheer by Ujena Swimwear. Shimmering! Totally-see-through/all-over-stretchy. Reversible plunging neckline. Long-sleeve. Thigh-length. Pearl stitch edging. Black. XS/Small/Medium/Large/XL/1X.

  • Pink Lace Robe

    $31.50 Robes

    Pink Lace Robe by Shirley of Hollywood. French-inspired stretch lace. Three-quarter sleeves. Scalloped lace hem/sleeve openings. Short/thigh-length. Knit trim surrounds an open/fasten-free front. Self-tie sash. SM/MD, LG/XL, 1/2X, 3/4X.

  • Sexy Bunny by Elegant Moments Lingerie

    $38.50 Roleplays

    Sexy Bunny by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Long-sleeve mini dress. Faux fur trim. Delightfully dipped neckline. Full-back. Bunny ears/bow necktie. Black/White. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

  • Tess Robe

    $49.25 Robes

    Tess Robe by iCollection Lingerie. Wrap me up in Royal-Blue! Satin drapes ever so elegantly to well below her knees. 3/4-Length sleeves. Victorian-inspired lace embellish. Fasten-free front. Lace insets at both shoulders. Satin sash for tie closure. Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size.

  • Wrap Robe

    $33.00 Robes

    Lingerie Wrap Robe by Shirley of Hollywood. Feels-like-silk … wears like a dream! Long-sleeve. Short-length. Inside/outside string ties. Frilly eyelash lacing. Periwinkle/Black, Blush/Black. Small/Medium, Large/XL, 1/2X, and 3/4X. Coordinating charmeuse negligee sold separately.

  • Dotted Robe by Elegant Moments Lingerie

    $24.75 Robes

    Dotted Robe by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Sheer/dots. Long-sleeve. Fluttery ankle-length hem/long sleeves. Floral lace-trimmed/open front. Self-tie sash. Multi-strap pantie. Small/Medium/Large/X-Large/Plus-Size.

  • Open-Back Teddy

    $34.25 Lingerie Onesies

    Open-Back Teddy by Shirley of Hollywood. Bell/long-sleeve. Deep plunge front neckline. Adjustable/neck-strap closure. Skimpy rear. Floral lace. Lavender, Black, Coral. Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size.

  • Leopard Robe

    $39.75 Robes

    Leopard Robe by Shirley of Hollywood. Rendezvous, reminisce, and relax! Sand-wash crepe charmeuse. Long-sleeve. Fasten-free/open-front. Black lace embellish. Inside ties/self-tie belt. Above-knee-length. Small/Medium, Large/X-Large, 1/2X, 3/4X.

  • Haley Robe

    $32.75 Robes

    Haley Robe by Curve Lingerie. Silky soft mesh. Lace embellish neckline plus bell/long-sleeve. Open front. Self-tying belt. High-waist/lace waistband/full pantie. Hot Pink. Plus-size 1/2X, 3/4X.

  • Charmeuse Robe by Elegant Moments Lingerie

    $25.50 Robes

    Charmeuse Robe by Elegant Moments Lingerie. 3/4-Length sleeves. Fasten-free. Self-tie sash. Short. Black, Fuchsia, Purple, White, Pink, Burgundy. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size. 11022/11023 sold separately.

  • Lace/Lycra Negligee by Elegant Moments Lingerie

    $27.50 Negligees

    Lace & Lycra Negligee by Elegant Moments Lingerie. See-through/floral lace/long-sleeve top. Lycra/mini skirt. Sash waistline. Dangling rhinestone pendant. Black/Burgundy. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

  • Crochet Crop Top by Elegant Moments Lingerie

    $19.50 Coverups & Clothes

    Crochet Crop Top/Coverup by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Long-sleeve. Slinky/wrinkle-free. Boatneck. Large holes. Black. Small/Medium/Large/XL. Long pants sold separately.

  • Crochet Teddy by Elegant Moments Lingerie

    $18.00 Lingerie Onesies

    Crochet Teddy by Elegant Moments Lingerie. High-neck. Long-sleeve. Cross-stitch center front/back. Sheer/floral lace midsection (over bust to high-legs). Red. One-Size.

  • Mesh/Lace Peignoir

    $34.25 Peignoirs

    Mesh & Lace Peignoir by Shirley of Hollywood. Plunging/thin straps/soft-cup/sheer negligee. Long-sleeve night coat. Lace inlays/trims. Near-the-knee hem. White, Berry (Purple), Black. Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size.

  • Long Peignoir

    $53.25 Peignoirs

    Long & Lacy Peignoir from Intimate Attitudes. Tricot/lace/underwire cups nightgown. Thin/adjustable/over-the-shoulder straps. 15-Denier/fasten-free/bell sleeves night coat. White, Red, Black. 1/2/3/4/5/6X.

  • Tricot/Lace Peignoir

    $57.75 Peignoirs

    Tricot & Lace Peignoir by Intimate Attitudes. Stretch lace cups/bustline negligee. Tricot skirt. Sheer 15-denier night coat with three-quarter/split/lace-trim sleeves. Black, White. Plus-size 1X/2X/3X/4X/5X/6X.

  • Queen of Detention by Elegant Moments Lingerie

    $33.75 Roleplays

    Queen of Detention by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Button-up school dress. Long-sleeve/crop jacket. Academy emblem. Necktie. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

  • Two-Tone Robe

    $27.55 Robes

    Two-Tone Robe by Shirley of Hollywood. Contrasting charmeuse. Long-sleeve. Above/near knee-length. Button-free front. Functional patch pockets. Foldover lapels. Inner strings. Self-tie sash. Black/Silver, Black/Red, Red/Black, Navy/Blue.

  • Long Nylon Robe

    $59.00 Robes

    Long Nylon Robe by Shirley of Hollywood. Full-body-length. Snag-resistant nylon. Full/matching marabou feather trims. Slightly bell/long-sleeve. Satin ties front closure. Red, Black, White, Baby Pink. One-Size.

  • Chemise Peignoir

    $34.25 Peignoirs

    Chemise Peignoir by Shiley of Hollywood. Stretch mesh/floral lace/eyelashes. Wire/pad-free cup negligee. Open/fasten-free/three-quarter-sleeves robe. White/Hot Pink/Black/Baby Blue. Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size.

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