Full-back negligees and full-back clothes keep mama chic and covered up all about the neck to shoulders so that she feels super confident in all her sexy, intimate ways. Shop-and-save in this LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie collection complete with camisole tops to sleep shirts that façade the upper back to lingerie roleplays and robes tailored to run clear up-and-down the backbone. We got shoulder-to-shoulder beachwear to gently laminate her upper body with and without the bathing suit. Sheer meshes to solid charmeuses, animal patterns through ones with stripes. Shop to save some money on full-back negligees to shirts and robes to lingerie clothes … some with sleeves to those with none. Do you ever ponder what it takes to restrain one’s temper? It is certain that each person is the decision-maker for their own and that change is a process that requires commitment.

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