Buy a classy bathing suit in the size 22, designed by Ujena Swimwear and made just for you. This made-to-order collection of size 22 suits will be sewn to flatter the sensual beachwear measures of bust that curve to 50 inches which fill the bra size of F in cup size, and to outline the arches of women with waists in the 39 through 41 inch range, plus cradle the silhouette of her 49 to 51 inch hips.

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  • UjENA Sheer Stripes

    $70.50 One-Piece Bathing Suits

    Sheer Stripes One-Piece by Ujena Swimwear. Ring a body real good! One stripe sheer polyester rings another of identical width, yet less sheer black to repeat. Intense scoop-back. Delicious dip-front. Wide straps. Lining-free.

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