Welcome to a LaSensuals Plus Size Lingerie online collection of Size Pus 1X! This beach clothes mixture through lingerie array is chosen for women who love the outdoors, as well as love-time with their spouses, indulging in family-time, sunshine, and lots of extracurricular activities. From boating to sunbathing, enjoy this assortment of coverups, tops, bottoms, and pants, fashioned for the ladies who wear clothes, Size 16. Plus, when lounging and romancing, buy from this diversity of 1X lingerie, teddies to camisoles, modeled for women, and for men, to collect and play. Pick your fancy for the cart, choose a color that you like, and once 1X is selected, that designer size guideline will display just below. Once again LaSensuals Lingerie shoppers, welcome to your online intimate apparel plus beach clothes assemblage, Plus-Size 1X!

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