UjENA Cool Cocktail Skirt


Confidently soak up some sun while casually strolling hand-in-hand, to-and-fro to a romantic walk along the beach … steadily worry-free of the ‘can they see too much’ concept … in the Cool Cocktail Skirt from the Ujena Swimwear Honeymoon Collection. Coupled beneath the skirt … a full-seat bikini bottom with low-cut legs made from white nylon plus lycra mixture that is fully lined with a soft-and-silky underlay for transparent-free swimming in the water plus as an extra layer of “cool” comfort. This family-friendly skirt that spans from the waist down through to the thighs is also lined throughout the front sideCool Cocktail Top by Ujena Swimwear. Surrounding the waistline is a wide-width, white band that can be folded over for extra exposure and pulled up for the moreover the tummy-cover preference, and this white bathing suit skirt pairs perfectly with the UjENA Cool Cocktail banded halter top, shown in the photos and sold separately. Available in the size increments Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 1X, and 2X.

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Woman in the L284 Cool Cocktail bathing suit.Woman in the L284 Cool Cocktail bathing suit.UjENA Cool Cocktail Skirt
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