Lace V-Back Negligee

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Chic chemise negligee with an insert of scalloped lace cut into the shape of a V that will lay sensually between the shoulder blades by Shirley of Hollywood. Tiny O-rings attach at the shoulder tips, and a foldover mesh band encircles to the front for an underbust on the negligee. This identical foldover under banding is stitched to a stunning skirt that is vertically layered with a panel aside panel of a semi-sheer stretch mesh in White/Black/Red alongside a see-through floral lace insert that matches the mesh in color plus form for a fabulous flare within the skirting. Wire-free, pad-free, triangle cups of stretch lace are strung by thin straps that attach to the O-ring clasps at the shoulder tips, and both floral print cups are scalloped along the inner edges for a delightfully dented V-neckline that echos plus opposites the lace shape in the back of this chic Lace V-Back Negligee by Shirley of Hollywood.

A great man was once asked how he learned to hear from God, and his answer … “Through making a lot of mistakes.” We all learn from these experiences, so there is no reason to make excuses for them; at least we did something.



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