XOXO One-Piece by Ujena Swimwear. Beat the heat in this fabulous bathing suit with splendidly plunged front and steep scoop back featuring multiple straps within the v-front that form illusional x’s and o’s. Spaghetti straps/cross-back. Low-rise cut in the leg openings. Full-cover for the buttocks. Dipped neckline. Black. Sold 4-14.


Fifty-five shades of fabulous! Beat the heat in this one-piece bathing suit by Ujena Swimwear made with bells-and-whistles that make a body happy. The entire bodysuit of silky, black nylon intermingling with stretchy, black lycra is underlaid by a piece of satiny, ready for the water, black lining so to ensure no see-through mishaps. However, this is truly not the case with the splendidly plunged front plus steep, scoop back in the bathing suit that really bears the see-me basking and playing in the sunshine characteristic. Moreover, within the v-front, crossing over from one side to the other, multiple sets of skinny, matte black straps form illusional x’s and o’s, hence the fabulous name, XOXO 1-Piece, from the designer, UjENA. A divinely dipped neckline is suspended by thin, black straps that trail both shoulders, intersect each other in the near middle of the shoulder blades, subsequently attaching to the left and right sides in the deeply scooped back of the bodysuit. Both leg openings are arched into the low-rise cut so as to fully conceal the curves on the high-class buttocks, so this extraordinary, extremely-fabulous, XOXO 1-Piece may be worn while with the family swimming in the pool, as well as when a husband and his wife is-a huggin’ and kissin’, sipping champagne by the seashore. Sold in size increments 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.

Life is an adventure! Let us not allow Satan to steal our joy when unrealistic expectations enter our everyday world. As we are told in the Book of Mark, Chapter 10, Verse 18 … our Creator is the perfect one; we are the ones under construction.




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