V-Cut Lingerie Romper


Baby-Blue Romper from the Elegant Moments Lingerie Collection. Frolic to-and-fro in this pretty blue romper suit with a V in the front and back, lace flutters on the short-sleeves, plus inverted V inserts of lacework at the legs. Tie-back. Crossover necklines. Ties at the waistline. Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

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Go this way and that way in Baby-Blue! Romp, sport, and cavort in this pretty-little-diddy of mostly baby-blue polyester material that plays very well with the light-blue lacework that decorates it from the Elegant Moments Lingerie Collection. Slip straight away into the pretty blue romper when exiting a relaxing bath, or rejuvenating shower, and enjoy the gentle drape of the smooth fabric from the top of the shoulders to the tips of the thighs restrained only by a string encased with elastic around the waistline. The super-short shorts that shape the bottom on the romper, feature two, baby-blue inserts made of catch-a-view lacework, each piece an inverted V plus floral in the pattern, which collaborates together so to delicately veneer the ladies’ hip measures in thirty-four-inches through a size x-large. The front and the back necklines on the baby-blue romper, both match the v-shape of the lace at the legs, yet positioned upturned plus deep in an angle so to show-off some skin. A crossover in fabric compliments the V necklines, plus two, baby-blue strings for ribbon-bow tying are stitched at the summit to the V on the back. Little light-blue flutters are attached at the shoulders on this baby-blue romper, and this suit can be yours, for a discount in price, sold Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large on LaSensuals Lingerie.

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