UjENA Sheer-Wet Nude

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Let this nude nylon/spandex take one away! The Sheer-Wet Nude by Ujena Swimwear is underlay-free with the exception of a front-to-back groin piece.  Super-high cuts in the legs lead to a sorta-skimpy rear.  An intense scoop-back plus a nice plunge front are outlined from wide over-the-shoulder straps.  When the one-piece is dry … say while laying in the sun … it is a sexy compliment to skin tones.  Now, get the UjENA Sheer-Wet Nude wet, this bathing suit is pure upper torso acclamation to each-and-every, husband-approved, perfect imperfection.  Available at a discount on LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie in size increments 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18.

The Book of Matthew, Chapter 16, Verse 26 asks us to ponder high-life-living. What profit is there if we gain the whole world and lose eternal life? God is always good; it is mankind who chooses the high life/low life.




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