UjENA Sheer French Dot


Sheer French Dot One-Piece by Ujena Swimwear. Connect the dots whilst she’s barely covered in this French-inspired suit made out of totally see-through polyester splattered all over with polka dots. Scoop-back. Dipped neckline. Low-cut legs.


Connect the dots! Oh yes, my friend, this polyester fabric stamped with black dots bathing suit is as sheer as they come, so put the kids to bed, or take advantage of them visiting the relatives, cause mama in this French-inspired, Sheer One-Piece from the Ujena Swimwear, see-through all the time collection will have the two of you seeing stars. What we consider subtle on the Sheer One-Piece are the two, overs both shoulder straps, since they expand a little lengthier in width than the average over-shoulder strap, plus the wee bit of underlay that UjENA seamed into the lower front section of the bathing suit so to hide her most secret, sexy side. From one black dot to the next black spot is nothing but a piece of sheer, black polyester that is carved into a husband’s midnight-swim with wife smorgasbord, which includes a fine, scoop-back, sensual, dip-neckline, perfectly low-cut legs, and the dab-will-do-ya in heinie-cover, if you even want to call it that. Every romantic connection of the dots splattered all over this Sheer One-Piece all over her 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 bodice measures, rather physically, or by the gaze of his eyes, will bring along a fond remembrance of why you two married in the first place.

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