Cardigan Beach Dress


Turquoise Beach Dress by Ujena Swimwear. Ribboned cardigan dress made from the soft blend of turquoise polyester plus stretchy spandex. Pullover style. Bias-edged neckline and short sleeves fashion. Sassy short-length hem trimmed with pearl-style stitching. Convenient, toss into a beach and overnight-ready night bag, wrinkly-free spin. Quarter-length sleeves. Sold SM-1X.

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Bias edge neckline, beautiful, and ready for the boat! From catching the waves while relaxing on the bow of the boat to sipping tea at the beachside cafe, this beautiful Cardigan Beach Dress by Ujena Swimwear takes ‘my favorite little dress’ to a whole-nother level. The combination of polyester and spandex plus the subdued and downy texture of the ribbed cardigan, not to mention the pullover style, makes this particular Cardigan Beach Dress a bathing suit coverup, a toss into a night bag for the weekend tagalong, as well as a ready for quick nappin’ on the couch, slumber gown for women who are consistently on the go. The feminine boatneck with bias edge seam tends to highlight a necklace when you dress the dress up with a sweet pair of sandals, plus, this span perfection neckline remains womanly emphasized while wearing jewelry-free. The cute, quarter-length sleeves on this ribboned cardigan, UjENA Cardigan Beach Dress are totally bind-free, and the sassy, short-length hem is seamed with snazzy, pearl-style stitching. Delightfully discount on LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie, this turquoise beach coverup and party-ready dress will truly love to cuddle up the curves of women size Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, plus, Plus-Size 1X.

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