UjENA USA Flag Bottom


USA Flag Bikini Bottom by Ujena Swimwear. Naturally shimmering, flag blue nylon combined with contour-to-me stretchy lycra is imprinted all over by big white stars with five points. Ruche-style seam sewn vertically about the backside. Side-tie strings are set into both sides to love upon her hips. Sold size increments XS-1X. Halter flag top sold separately.

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String me up in patriotic stars! This USA flag-print, tie strings, bikini bathing suit bottom by UjENA that is ‘fit to be tied’ while gingerly jogging atop the sands of the beaches, sweetly sipping sweet tea by the poolside lounge, and horsing around playing ‘Hunny come catch me’ with the hubby. Sewn skimpy-fitting with a full piece of silky lining to go with, the USA Flag bikini bottom is made out of naturally shimmering nylon combined with body contouring, and stretchy lycra, dyed into a beautiful, USA flag blue which is covered by big ole five-point stars, one white star imprinted right alongside another, repeating in flag-print pattern from the slight scoop on the front seam throughout the ruche-style seam perfectly perched vertically upon the backside. Also, to top fashion things off, a set of white strings are sewn onto both sides of the bathing suit bottom so as to adjustably tie about her hips, ranging measures thirty-one-inches, and up through forty-three-inches. Get this discount, Ujena Swimwear, USA flag-print bikini bottom with side-tie strings and ruching about the heinie, on LaSensuals Lingerie, and begin having loads of fun in the pool, by the pool, enjoying the waters everywhere, showing off your truly beautiful, patriotic, hindquarters asset. The half stars, half stripes, USA Flag Top sold separately.

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