Tie-Dye Coverup


Multi-colored, tie-dye print, crochet bathing suit coverup, plus a halter-style cover dress, splattered all over with lots of tiny holes that form illusional, floating flowers, and multi-faceted triangle shapes. One-Size on LaSensuals Lingerie. Blues/teals/browns/beige mingle. Elegant Moments, Vivace Collection.

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A handcrafted garment made out of material that is multiple in subtle colors, plentiful with tiny holes, plus fully decorated around the thigh-length hem by dangling fringe of tie-dye strings, really does do a body good! Slightly conceal a favorite bathing suit in this snazzy, Tie-Dye Coverup Dress from the Elegant Moments Vivace Collection which is entirely cloth of the crochet style. The pattern in mingling colors, including beautiful, blue, and teal hues, plus tints in brown, and beige, each swirl, and twirl, and separate by teeny-tiny holes that are splattered throughout the cover dress, and when mixed all together, they create the mesmerizing, tie-dye print plus an almost hidden pattern of illusional, floating flowers and multi-faceted triangle shapes. The halter-style top of this snazzy, Tie-Dye Cover Dress ties into a ribbon about the base of the neck. Wear the dress as a shirt to cover over a blouse, dress it with some jewelry, and a pair of comfy sandals… however you choose to pair it up on your body, you will love the look plus favor the fashion of this discount, Elegant Moments Lingerie, tie-dye print, cover dress available in One-Size on LaSensuals Plus Size Lingerie.

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