Suspender Schoolgirl

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Suspend her? I am gonna keep her after class! This pink plaid schoolgirl costume with all the dress pieces held together with suspender clips by Elegant Moments Lingerie is rare and pretty plus ready for the wifie curves of dress sizes equivalent to 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16. Let’s begin with the first piece of the four pieces; the pink, pleated, plaid mini skirt that pleasantly surrounds her hip measurements of thirty-four-inches and increments to a forty-four-inch, is loaded with fold beside folds of the stretchy, checkered material, plus trimmed about the top edge of the skirt with a black band which lends a “helping hold” for the suspender clips that clasp to the snappy top. The roleplay top is of the bandeau-style, loaded with the black, white, and pink lines to match with the mini skirt, plus trimmed in the identical, black, satin edging along the waist-length bottom and the symmetrical band top. Suspender clips clasp to a matching collar that suspends an attached schoolgirl necktie, and a solitary, pink plaid wristband completes this Suspender Schoolgirl Costume by Elegant Moments Lingerie.

Let us learn, in a guilt-free manner, the areas of the heart where love-growth is needed. God gives us plenty of people to practice on … ones that are not like us, and each unique.




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Lady dressed in schoolgirl top/skirt/collar held together with suspender clips.Lady dressed in schoolgirl top/skirt/collar held together with suspender clips.Suspender Schoolgirl