Stretchy Romper

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Cheerfully romp about the homefront on any given bright and beautiful day …  maybe lounge on the porch while sipping on some sweet tea … even enjoy the multi-wear of this Stretchy Romper by Elegant Moments Lingerie on the cruise ship as a coverup and strolling into the buffet room for a snack to taking in the scenery from the deck. The pair of shorts portion is a little more lengthy than the average hot-pant-short, therefore offering a little more coverage in the front and of the rear plus the fabric is cut full so it hangs nicely all alone or as an over something else short. The top portion of the wrinkle-free onesie is sheared clear-down to just about the waistline in the V front, and both of those pieces of stretchy lycra lead over the shoulders to serve as the cross-back straps which wrap and attach to both sides. A self-tie at the back waist completes this fun and cheerful Stretchy Romper by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Available in size increments Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Let us always remember that the significance is in the Vine. Trends come and go. When we remain a part of the Vine (John 15), our fruit will be a witness for the Lord and the Kingdom.




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V-front romper.V-front romper.Stretchy Romper