Plus-Size Robe

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Step out of a long, exhilarating bubble bath, slip right into this stretchy lingerie robe with long sleeves, and then relax into an evening of snuggling on the couch in front of a toasty fire and a romantic movie with the hubby. The entire front side of the Shirley of Hollywood robe is fasten-free and stitched with fine, looping threads all along the edge, just like the thigh-length hem of the garment. The arm openings of the lingerie robe are both embellished by an encircling, dyed-to-match, stretch lace fabric, embroidered with the illusional pattern of one beautiful flower and petals alongside yet another batch of botanical stitching, and that stretchy, floral lace piece is sewn into an ever so slight, bell in shape. This Intimate Attitudes stretch knit/lace robe with a matching stretch knit self-tie sash is available in the plus-size increments 1X/2X and 3X/4X.

If God were to solve all of our problems the minute they appear, would we appreciate His strength?






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Stretch knit robe with long sleeves.Stretch knit robe with long sleeves.Plus-Size Robe