Strapless Dress

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Lustrous plus lacking symmetry! This sleek and Strapless Dress by Elegant Moments Lingerie with a high/low hem is spotted up from the band around the top down to the tip of the asymmetrical hem … a brown dot here and a black patch there … repeated and dyed into lustrous satin. An elastic waist encircles the waistline plus creates the sassy vertical creases along top of the satin skirt which then smooths gradually over and atop the hips, down to the high/low hem. Wear the Strapless Dress by Elegant Moments Lingerie to a backyard party with friends along with sandals and a clutch plus do dinner in the backyard with hubby under the candlelight. Available in size increments of Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

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High low hem lingerie dress.Strapless Dress