Storybook Red Costume


Storybook Red Costume by Elegant Moments. Snazzy ensemble with a scrunch-bust, lace-down, and red overlay black-and-white skirted mini dress. Matching red-velvet, hooded cape. Black satin trimmings. Red-rose embellishments. Sweetheart neckline plus short sleeves edged by fluttery fabric. Small to 3X/4X.

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Here we go round the mulberry bush! Tell stories to the children plus gather mulberry goodies at Halloween trick-or-treating in this too-cute Storybook Red outfit from the Elegant Moments Costume Collection. The snazzy, short-length dress features a white blouse with elasticized cups area that is trimmed along the neckline with black satin plus drawn in, white polyester which descends in the middle to shape a sorta sweetheart neckline that is decorated by an oversized, red, flower attachment. This bust-cradling blouse is underbust by a black string that laces down in crisscross fashion via o-ring eyelets stitched into the velvety, red bodice on the mini dress. The red velvet fabric surrounds the midriff, overs both of the shoulders, joins to puffy, satin-trimmed, short sleeves which are also fluttery around the bottom borders, subsequently uniting with a red-and-black overlay to the shiny, black, and white skirting of the Storybook Red costume dress. A coordinating, red-velvet, hooded cape that fastens at the front of the neck by way of another big-ole red rose embellishment comes along with this discount, two-piece, Elegant Moments Costume available on LaSensuals Plus Size Lingerie in the size Small, Medium, Large, 1X/2X, and 3X/4X. Make the full-skirt flare, plus add additional layers, when you wear multiple length petticoats underneath.

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