Stay-Up Thigh-High Stockings


Stay home… have some fishnet-fun with hubby! Wear ’em accompanied by lingerie, pair them up along with sensual clothes, see this pair of Stay-Up Stockings accentuate an ensemble, plus turn a husband into the bait.

  • High-Top/Lace Band
  • Seam Back
  • Diamond-Shaped Net
  • White/Black
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Stay home and have some fishnet fun with hubby! Wear ’em with some lingerie, and dress ’em up along with some clothes, while this pair of Stay-Up Stockings accentuate an ensemble, plus turn the husband into the bait. Surrounding the tops on each thigh-high is a comfortable, clear band of elastic so to hold both stockings gently into place, somewhere between high above-her-knee to someplace near her mid-thigh, that is overlaid beautiful, floral-print with swirls lacework which comes in Black, and White. Fine, diamond-shaped nylon will whirl around her legs, down and over her toes, in this sensual pair of Stay-Up Stockings from the Shirley of Hollywood Collection on LaSensuals Plus Size Lingerie. Available in the One-Size-Fits-Most increment, as well as in Queen-Size.

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