UjENA Braided Top


Braided Top by Ujena Swimwear. This adjustable span, long triangles, and snakeskin spandex/polyester top will turn heads while swimming, playing, and laying around in the sunshine. Python pattern of primarily red with white tint intertwining snakeskin. Black, braided, lame’ strings. Removable pad inserts. Fully lined. Ties neck and back. Sold SM-XL. Red python/black lame bottom sold separately.

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Let’s show him what we are workin’ with, ladies! This Braided Top by Ujena Swimwear comes ready to lay down by the poolside, out in the sunshine, sporting long, triangle cups which are full-cut, made of python-print, poly/spandex, and both suspended by black, braided, water-ready lame’. Another decorative cord of black lame’ strings the bottom borders of these triangular cups so as to allow stretching of the red, python-printed material from widespread cover through skinny span, as well as an adjustable, bow tying around the back, or at one side of the underbust. The python pattern is primarily red with a hint of white tint slithering side-to-side, intersecting and paralleling along with the obvious angles and curves of the wild, undomesticated, illustrious illusion of the skin on a python, while a super-soft, fabric lining sewn-in underneath assists with the cuddling of her sumptuous, size 32A bra size, up to the well-rounded measures of 36DDD bust. Twists and turns while diving from the diving board, and boating around atop the lakes during moonlit rides will be so much fun while decked out in this UjENA Braided Top of red, snakeskin-print with long, triangle cups, plus braided, black strings. The Braided Bottom shown in the pictures is sold separately.

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