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Silk Robe from the Elegant Moments Lingerie Collection. Cozy-up on the couch in this soft atop the skin, silky charmeuse, lingerie kimono robe with airy, three-quarter length sleeves, fastener-free front, plus a matching, detachable sash to self-tie. Short-length. Robust shiny-finish and rich solid-color. Fuchsia (pink), Black, Purple. Sold discount in Small through Plus-Size 4X on LaSensuals Lingerie.

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Soft and silky to my skin! Step straight out of an invigorating shower and slip right into this awesome charmeuse robe from the Elegant Moments Lingerie Collection. Whether decorating the breakfast table with just prepared bacon and eggs, or ornamenting the breakfast nook bench while enjoying a hot cup of coffee, it is fair to say that she, covered up in the luxury of this Silk Robe of a simple style paralleled by a robust tailor, plus hemmed to a satisfying, short length, will be a desirable garnishing for his first thing in the morning activities. Silky charmeuse sleeves, in the length of a three-quarter measure, delicately downswing from the tips of each shoulder by way of wispy and wide orbit so as to allow free movement of the arms plus provide an airy atmosphere beneath the lightweight, silk fabric. The entire front on the short, charmeuse robe is free from binding buttons, well, fastening of any type really, and a rich, matching in color, detachable sash for self-tying comes along with this discount, short and sleeved, Silk Robe with a stunning, shiny finish, available in the tints of Fuchsia (pink), Black, plus Purple, each color in the size of Small, Medium, Large, 1X, 2X, 3X, and 4X. The elegant, Elegant Moments Lingerie, short, silk chemise shown in a few of the pictures is also available for separate, discount purchase on LaSensuals Lingerie.

As it is written in Romans 12:16, we are to work happily together (live in harmony). Don’t try to act big (snobbish, high-minded, exclusive). Don’t try to get into the good graces of important people, but enjoy the company of ordinary folks. And don’t think you know it all (be wise regarding the individual talents the Lord has given us). LaSensuals encourages prayer on how to lovingly adapt to others.



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