UjENA Sheer Wet


This solid white one-piece by Ujena Swimwear is a deliciously inviting honeymoon-hot-piece. When the bathing suit is dry and white, it may be worn beneath the favorite free-flowing skirt she tossed into the overnight bag for some strolling about sidewalks to window shop … maybe for a stroll atop the sands, hand-in-hand together along the seashore … while the free from any lining whatsoever nylon plus lycra combination remains a wee-bit conservative, serving as a coconut-colored bodysuit on a warm and sunny day. Once the one-piece gets wet … rest assured … viewing becomes for the hubby’s-eyes-only since all her curves plus each perfect imperfection is gonna show. The front neckline of the UjENA Sheer Wet one-piece is seamed into a flawless deep plunge and within the intense scoop-back, high up between her shoulder blades … yes, cross-back straps. Way-high-cut openings expose leg length, plus the mid-rear cover exposes just enough. Pool time, nighttime, and bathing in the sunshine will be a pure delight in this solid white/sheer wet one-piece!

When the non-believer observes sad/unhappy “saved people” with bumper stickers and Christian jewelry, how can it suggest to them to even consider wanting what we have as believers?




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One-piece bathing suit that is sheer when it gets wet.One-piece bathing suit that is sheer when it gets wet.UjENA Sheer Wet
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