UjENA Sheer Wet


Sheer Wet One-Piece by Ujena Swimwear. Stop the presses in this sheer when it gets wet, plus shiny tan all the time one-piece. Cross-back straps. Scoop-back. Lustrous lycra/nylon. Free from underlay/wires/pads. High-cut legs. Wide straps. Mid-rear coverage.


Stop the presses! This sheer and shiny bathing suit by Ujena Swimwear is a deliciously inviting one-piece with crosses over atop each other, wide-with straps within the scoop-back. While the bodysuit is dry, wear it under a favorite pair of shorts that you tossed into the overnight bag, as you and yours stroll the sidewalks and frequent the romantic seashores, sauntering hand-in-hand. This entire tan-color, lustrous lycra plus sheer nylon mixture one-piece is free of an underlay, yet remains nearly conventional as a bodysuit given a warm, sunny day so as to shimmer and shine in the sunshine. Once the bathing suit gets wet, rest assured, the picturesque view is for the husband’s eyes only… all her curves that lay beneath, and each one of her perfect imperfections, become clearly vivid. The front neckline of the Sheer One-Piece is seamed into a flawless scoop, and below the cross-back straps on the back is yet another ideal scoop that provides a perfect view of her backside. High-rise leg openings bare the length of the legs, and mid-coverage of the rear side veils just enough to entice hubby’s passionate appetite. Pooltime, nighttime, and laying in the sunshine will be a pure delight in this discount, UjENA, sheer-when-wet, shiny tan one-piece. Available on LaSensuals Lingerie in the size increments of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18.

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