UjENA Sheer Stars Bottom


Sheer Stars Bottom by Ujena Swimwear. Fit to be tied! This skimpy fit bottom is covered from teeny front stem through tonga-back stern by big ole white stars set side-by-side one another as if floating within the sheer blue yonder that is mingling along with. Ties at both sides. Lining-free. Polyester/Spandex. Patriotically covers size XS-1X. Coordinating sheer red-white-and-blue top sold separately.

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Tie them picturesque hips up in patriotic stars and blue! This Sheer Stars Tie Bottom by Ujena Swimwear paired up with the red-white-and-blue tie top (sold separately) pictured in the photos is fit to be fun when the moonlit nights come rolling around. Sensually skimpy, free from any lining whatsoever, and refreshingly cool while in the hot tub, this bottom is made out of see-through blue mesh that is covered with big ole white stars alongside each other that repeats in a pattern from the front through a tonga-style back. Connecting both sides of the Sheer Stars Bottom are a pair of white strings to tie together and get a snugly to the bum fit when she ties two pairs of loops formed by the ties to sit gracefully upon the hips ranging thirty-one inches up through the forty-three … give or take an inch or two. This big ole white stars on sheer blue mesh bottom from the Ujena Swimwear Stars & Stripes Collection is specially tailored for married couples who have a whole lotta lovin’ going on at the homefront.

Hebrews 13:4 – Honor the marriage and its vows, and be pure.




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