Sheer Pajama Shirt


Exclusive, South Pacific Sheer Tunic by Ujena Swimwear. Sheer shirt splattered with imprints of fall-color flowers within soft and airy mesh/spandex mixed material. Square-cut tunic with side seams, wide arm openings, plus a boatneck neckline, and the hem encircles the lower thighs. Loose-fit varies atop women of One-Size, dress size equivalent, 4 through 14.

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Stay tuned for relaxin’! This Ujena Swimwear sheer tunic comes ready for lounging around the house wearing nothing underneath, slipping into atop a bathing suit after sunning and funning in the sunshine at the beach, plus tossing on over the yoga outfit after body posing and healthy breathing. The South Pacific, Sheer Shirt is splattered with imprints of fall-colored flowers, each one embedded in a conglomerate of multi-color green leafage, so the colors are keen within the sheer, ivory-white mesh. The neckline is styled boatneck, and the shirt itself is cut square, so to create lots of room on the inside for the One-Size fits most women, not to mention plenty of spacing so to allow in the air. There are seams along both sides of the Sheer Shirt sewn to close up the square-cut, plus to leave open the armholes for a fashionable loose-fit. There is a little bit of spandex mixed with the sheer plus flower-printed mesh, and UjENA hemmed this discount on LaSensuals Lingerie, South Pacific Tunic to a length of low thighs. Relax doing hobbies, like tending to plants, and take the Sheer Shirt on a cruise in a bag… however you decide to dress it, you will totally love that it is super-soft on the skin and that this South Pacific mesh fabric does not wrinkle at all.

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