UjENA Sheer Festival


Sheer Neon Pink Festival by Ujena Swimwear. All neon pink lacework in firework-fiesta design that is free from any lining. Delightful scoop in the front neckline. Way below the waistline scoop-back. Wide over-shoulders straps. Full-rear. Available in size 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18.

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Permit this all-lace one-piece the pleasure to perfectly surround the upper torso on all those spontaneous nights of marital bliss filled with fun, laughter, and moonlight. This Sheer Festival by Ujena Swimwear is an intricately stitched to firework-fiesta design suit made from a scooped delightfully deep in the front, dives into a deep plunge back, solitary piece of lace that is dyed to happy, fluorescent-like pink. The shoulder straps are formed wide-width, the arches in the legs are cut high-rise, and both merge at each side to shape full-cover for the buttocks. The party of fireworks reproduction exploding atop the torso is a conglomerate of bending and bursting, neon pink, opaque shapes of lacework, and lots of almost transparent-free flower prints plus dots surrounded by circles, pieced together by thousands of neon-color threads with no underlay fabric underneath rendering the UjENA Sheer Festival almost all the way see-through.

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