Satin-Spandex Corset


Satin and Spandex Corset by Shirley of Hollywood. Walk the isles … grab attention! This sexy satin-front mixed scrumptiously with the spandex-back corset is loaded in slimming vertical seams from the tip of the Venice lace-trimmed strapless top to the border of the Venice lace hem. White. White zipper front closure. Strapless neckline. Sold 32-38.

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Take me to church! Walk the isles … be the center of his attention in this solid-white, Satin & Spandex corset top from our Shirley of Hollywood Collection. This sexy satin all over the forepart mixed scrumptiously with supple spandex throughout the back is loaded down with vertical lines from the tip of the strapless top to the straight of the Venice lace-trim hem, one feature lending the shimmer-in-the-luminosity effect, the other imparting a slimming combined with a cuddling-to-her-curves sensation which, when combined, cause a total, I can hardly believe her beauty consistency. Seamed right into the center front, straight down the middle, a solid-white and strapping zipper to secure the Satin & Spandex corset top. White Venice lace trim trims the front, strapless neckline, which only enhances the adjustable zipper plus pushup the bustline front, and matched together with the matching, lace-trim hem creates a beautiful, bridal corset.

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