UjENA Reversible Action Top


Double-up in the pool of prosperity! Double-lined, guava color sports top turns turquoise tinted, Tahitian-print banded bikini top. Elastic-free. Reversible Action Cabana by UjENA with extra-wide straps plus square neckline on the front and in back. Four-way stretch. Flatters 31-AA up to 42-DDD. Reversible bottom sold separately.

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Double-up in the pool of prosperity! This double-lined sports top turns from guava-color into the Ujena Swimwear, turquoise tinted, Tahitian print, bikini top so to create a two tops purchase instead of one. A small band brightens the bottom of the already brilliant-colored, sporty, bathing suit top, and the band remains guava in hue whether worn with the floral-pattern inside, and the guava side outside, or visa versa. The entire piece is free of elastic so to keep the top comfortable while stretching a body out on a yoga mat, pedaling the trails on a bike, and jogging around the block for a bit of cardiovascular work-out. The four-way stretch fabric will tend supportively to the top of the torso, managing too much movement atop the women who can sport a bra size 31AA up to 42DDD. This flattering, functional, and discount Action Cabana top, capable of being reversed so as to double-up on one’s beachwear fashion with two looks, has extra-wide straps, plus snappy-style, square-front, and square-back neckline. Playing in the pool, lying in the sun, and skiing behind the boat is simply gonna be too much fun! The matching reversible bikini bottom shown in the photos is also available (sold separately).

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