Racerback Sleepshirt

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Ah, yes… the fascinating fusion of cozy wool plus soft cotton plus stretchy knit makes for a comfy Jersey fabric for sweet sleeping plus the much-deserved lazy lounging. This Racerback Sleepshirt from our Dreamgirl Collection combines those fascinating fabrics that are dyed into the fascinating color of Eggplant Purple with the intimate entice of lace. That’s right, dyed-to-match, floral lace borders the racer-style in the back of the sleepshirt, tracing ever so gently atop the skin, both outer edges slightly scalloped through to the base of the racer-cut. Then, that identical, slightly scalloped, dyed eggplant lace trims the hem of the sleepshirt, which lingers around the thigh area of the legs, and creates a slightly sassy, hint of come-hither my sweet husband. The soft and slinky Jersey fabric fits comfortably around the curves of Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large women.

Life is not worth living if we are going to be in knots, upset, and struggling with something all the time. Let us rest in the peace of the Lord … rely on the healing antidote, which is believing.




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Lady in a racerback sleepshirt.Lady in a racerback sleepshirt.Racerback Sleepshirt