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Queen of Hearts Costume by Elegant Moments Lingerie. This 4-piece ensemble includes a golden headpiece resembling that of a Queen that is decorated all about the top in red heart shapes that sit upon the tips of the pointed cutouts. Playing card theme embellished corset dress of black-and-white checkered patterns plus gold trimmings. Neckpiece. Velvety armguards. Black/Red. Sold SM-XL.

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Wear a crown for the day! Absolutely fun Queen of Hearts costume from the Elegant Moments Lingerie Collection to either party at the ball, collect treats with the children, or rule over His Majesty’s kingdom for the evening. This four-piece ensemble includes a golden headpiece resembling that of a Queen which is decorated all around the top with heart shapes in red-hue that sit upon the tips of the pointed cutouts, plus a high-ranking neckpiece, also embellished by a golden rule, that is imprinted on both sides with playing cards hearts. The Queen of Hearts costume dress features black-and-white patterns of alternating squares that line the short-length hem plus decorates two strips along each side of the dress which is shaped to mimic a lace-back corset decorated in fine, gold bows and shiny, satin hearts. The red, and the black, velvety-finish that makes up the majority of Her Majesty’s minidress with heart-cutout at the chest plus near both of the shoulders with short, puff sleeves, is garnished all over by distinctive gold frill and big bows of gold. Matching, velvety armguards come along with this snappy ensemble with a flirty Queen dress for the ladies who honor a size Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large measure, plus the Queen of Hearts costume can be purchased at discount on LaSensuals Lingerie.

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