Orchid-Color Shirley Chemise


Orchid Chemise from the Shirley of Hollywood Collection. Silky, charmeuse chemise with a gentle and relaxed glide from the tip-top of the gown throughout the hem about her thighs. Plunge front neckline embellished by sequined, Venice lace plus crisscross straps. V motif back neckline matched by inverted, sheer net godet. Black/orchid-color. Discount on LaSensuals. 1X, 2X, 3X.

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Feminine and lovin’ it! When God created woman for man, He sure-enough knew exactly what He was doin’, and this Orchid Chemise from the Plus-Size, Shirley of Hollywood Collection will most definitely prove His engender. The silky, charmeuse satin is designed for a gentle and relaxed glide from the tip-top of the gown, over and atop her feminine curves of 1X, 2X, and 3X measure, gracefully draping top to bottom to surround about the thick of her thighs. Two, black-satin, adjustable shoulder straps dangle the elegant, orchid-color charmeuse, plus match the two, crisscrossing straps which hold the low in the cut, front neckline, loosely together. The back neckline on this Orchid Chemise is a V shape motif, also trimmed in the color of contrasting black satin, purposed to imitate the strategically placed, piece of sheer black mesh fabric inset and inverted in the back hem of the negligee. Edging the front neckline on the Orchid Chemise is a beautiful applique in black, Venice lace that is embellished throughout its floral design by sparkling disc pieces of colorless shine. Enjoy night after night of husband with wife cozied up on the couch with a glass of white wine, she in this Orchid Chemise, while he delights in the view.

Miracles are a supernatural event that takes place during a crisis. God does not want us to live life in crises, yet in blessings!




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