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Maid to Please Costume by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Sweet ruffles, pink frills, plus black polyester will have a hubby hollerin’ honeymoon, holiday, and happy life away… she in this three-piece maid ensemble with sweetheart neckline and kinda cap sleeves mini dress accented with lots of flounces, a sassy pink-white-black apron, and sensual scoop-back. Maid headpiece. Small, Medium, Large, 1X/2X, 3X/4X. Discount on LaSensuals Lingerie.

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Pretty pink with sugar on top! Sweet ruffles and pink frills will have hubby hollerin’ for more as she shows up in this Maid to Please Costume by Elegant Moments Lingerie. The three-piece ensemble comes service-ready with the 100% black polyester mini dress with a sweetheart neckline that is accented in the middle with a little extra dip which is layered by pink trim plus a white flounce that is decorated by a black border. This sassy, pink-white-black, flouncy frill also surrounds the cap-like sleeves on the Maid to Please mini dress ribboned around the waistline with a white, satin, tie-back apron that has a polished lappet which is trimmed by black and pink, plus a dash will do ya of white lace. Now, all this pretty is the front of the costume… once Miss Maid to Please turns to leave the room, wah-lah… a scoop-back decorated at the lowest arc of the U-dip by a dainty, crisscrossing string that ties up via tiny little o-rings. Honeymoon, holiday, and happy life away in this three-piece, pink, white, and black, Maid to Please Costume, sizes Small, Medium, Large, 1X/2X, and 3X/4X, plus discount, on LaSensuals Lingerie.

Please keep this in mind… Our emotions always follow our thoughts. If our thoughts are always on ourselves (protective, worried, concerned about what others think, fearful, what can I do to get that, why doesn’t she think like he, etc.), there is a huge possibility that it will totally mess us up!




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