Gypsy Maiden Costume


5-Piece Gypsy Maiden outfit from the Elegant Moments Costume Collection. Roam home to home collecting candy with the kids dressed up in this pretty pink and purple costume with a headscarf and matching sash trimmed in gold trinkets, off-shoulders shirt attached to halter-style cummerbund, slit skirt, plus bangles. Available in SM-3/4X on LaSensuals Lingerie.

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Roam from home to home collecting candy with the kids in this five-piece gypsy costume in pretty pink and purple colors! This Gypsy Maiden from the Elegant Moments Costume Collection comes complete with a rosy-colored headscarf that gently molds about the tip-top of the noggin, plus a pretty, pink sash to wrap and tie around the waistline and any alternative area of choice, and both of the pink accessories are edged with a brilliant, gold trim that is accompanied by dangling gold coins in a circular form that will jiggle about and create sweet-to-the ears, gypsy jingling with every step. The white, short-sleeve shirt on the Gypsy Maiden costume is styled off-shoulder with gold embellish plus flutter along all of the exposed borders and comes attached to a purple plus pink halter-style cummerbund, also decorated in gold trimmings, which matches the long, purple, and gold skirting that is slit all the way along one side. Several bracelets in multiple colors like pink and yellow come along with and complete this discount, five-piece costume called the Gypsy Maiden by Elegant Moments that is available on LaSensuals Plus Size Lingerie in the size of Small, Medium, Large, 1X/2X, and 3X/4X.

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