Peek-Cups Babydoll Negligee


Peek-Cups Babydoll by Shirley of Hollywood. Halter-style, deeply plunged, front neckline plus peek-a-boo cups lingerie babydoll made from stretchy floral lace. Flounce hem. One-Size, Queen-Size.

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Play an intimate game of husband and wife peek-a-boo in this extremely cute, Peek-Cups Babydoll set from the Shirley of Hollywood Boxed Collection. The lingerie babydoll is fully fabricated from stretch lace that will cling to the extraordinary curves of the One-Size woman, and women of Queen-Size, all the way from the slit-open cups on the babydoll down to the tip of the flounce-style hem, while she moves through the rooms in stealth-mode anticipating his catch. All along the inside edges of the halter-style, deeply plunged, front neckline, as well as along the outside borders and within the elongated slots of peek-a-boo cups on the babydoll, is an obverse trim in tight-knit, black lacework that provides an obvious outline around the see-through, stretch lace bust portion which is stitched in a floral pattern of sparsely spaced flower clusters embedded about a whole lot of little holes plus multiple patches of black netting. The adorable and abundant in lace, flounced hem, plus the entire body-cuddling midsection of the lingerie babydoll is of the identical, black, floral-patterned lacework as the peek-a-boo style cups. This discount, Shirley of Hollywood babydoll set flatters the dress size equivalent to 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20.

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