Pareo Sarong by UjENA

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Entertain the hips, invade the head, and spruce up a bathing suit via the sweet coverup band of the Pareo Sarong by Ujena Swimwear. This solitary, free from seams, piece of nylon meshed together with spandex wrap comes in multiple colors plus patterns for matching suits and clothes … all of them draw attention to her curves. Some sarongs are splattered with iridescent dots which sparkle within the sunshine, the romantic moonlight, and with rays from the lightbulbs while moving to some music in the open airs at night. All along the edges of the UjENA Pareo Sarong are thousands of loops of threads that dart closely alongside each other … all of them put together create their satin pearl-edge finish. Wear the sarong as a scarf to gently shield the hair, and wrap it around the neck to dress up a dress. Tie it in the front, fasten it on the side; so many coverup options, including covering a bikini. The one size fits most hips, 30-inches to around 42, sarongs are sold at a discount at LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie. And, just like the sweet skin of her body, this nylon/spandex material must be delicately cared for; please avoid heavily chlorinated pools, hot tubs, and chemicals such as bleach in the waters.

LàSensuals encourages us to get wrapped up in the Holy Spirit! Understandably the supernatural is hard to understand via the human brain. However, and fortunately, spirits are not trapped in the human body.




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