Nylon Lingerie Robe


Nylon Lingerie Robe by Shirley of Hollywood. Full-body-length robe made from 100%, snag-resistant, sheer nylon fully trimmed with dyed-to-match, marabou feathers. The long sleeves are slightly belled. Ribbon ties front closure. Available in one-size-fits-lots of ladies in Red, Black, White, and Pink,

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Experience the emotion of exhilaration in this full-body length, Nylon Lingerie Robe from our Shirley of Hollywood collection. One-hundred-percent nylon fibers journey from the top of her shoulders, through the entire length of her arms, and nonstop to the tippy-tops of her feet, while hundreds of dyed-to-match, fluffy, marabou feather trim continuously lines the sheer robe, plus lavishly decorates both ends of the long sleeves, each sleeve belled just a bit around the opening. Two, matching in color, satin ribbons are stitched into both seams at the center front of the Nylon Lingerie Robe, right where the marabou feathers meet with the sheer nylon, so to allow the tying of a satin ribbon bow for a closure of the robe. Slip into this long robe directly from a relaxing bath, apply it directly atop some favorite lingerie, and enjoy it while moving from one place to another… one of the many things in which LaSensuals Plus Size Lingerie is sure, both husband and wife will enjoy many experiences in this sold discount, Shirley of Hollywood, full-body-length, sheer nylon, marabou feather-trimmed robe, available in size one-size-fits-lots of ladies, in the dyed nylon and matching feather colors of Red, Black, White, and Pink, immediately upon arrival.

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