UjENA New Orleans Bottom


New Orleans Braided Bottom by Ujena Swimwear. Experience sunbathing pleasures Mardi Gras style in this multicolor bikini bottom made from mesmerizing purples and blues, golds and greens, to multiple shades of red and orange pigments mingling perfectly together plus joined about the hips by gold-metallic braids. Full lining. Mid to full-rear. Sold SM-1X. Braided triangle top sold separately.

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Bodyboard, sunbathe, celebrate the day away! This one-piece of purples and blues, golds and greens, plus red dyes and orange pigments mingling with white-and-black, Mardi Gras pattern, Braided Bikini Bottom by Ujena Swimwear will have the ocean waves green and the lounge chairs greedy cause it will truly look too good on you. The multicolor paisley-print, water-ready nylon, and lycra material mixture spans front-to-back, back-to-front, with smooth, slinky fashion, and attached at all four endpoints are the two, thick, gold braided cords that hold the bikini bottom in position, low about the hips. The dab’ll do ya scoop-front outlines quite aways under the belly button, and the backside of the bottom is seamed into small enough… combine these two features with the gold-metallic braids along both of the sides, and plenty of sunshine plus onlookers will be the results. Pair this multicolor bikini bottom with the UjENA Braided Bikini Top which is shown in the pictures, plus sold separately on LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie, and experience the pleasures of tanning in the sunshine with a lotta skin exposed in a fancy, New Orleans inspired, two-piece bathing suit on.

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