UjENA Montego Bay


Water activities are gonna be summertime breezes in this Montego Bay One-Piece from the Ujena Swimwear Body Slimming collection which is made from resilient black nylon mixed with lycra combo and outfitted to cover, slim, and cuddle the top of the torso. The Montego Bay features a pair of stylish, supportive, crisscrossing straps in the scooped back … one set at the base, the other at the crown … the pair is thick in width to help hold the upper body parts in place while skiing behind the boat and while splashing playfully with the kids in the pool. The straps that crossover each other in the backside crown also serve as supportive and comfortable bands for the over-shoulders straps. The Montego Bay One-Piece has a built-in shelf-bra to hold up the bust and the cut to the middle of the hips region leg openings provide full-rear coverage for the elegant female form of sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and an 18, who enjoys mixing her family, her friends, and the water all up together for fun-filled days.

Mature Christians have the privilege of being an example of integrity and stability for little children … let us not take this birthright lightly.




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Bathing suit with a double set of crisscrossing back straps.Bathing suit with a double set of crisscrossing back straps.UjENA Montego Bay
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