Mock-Neck Negligee


Mock Neck Babydoll from Elegant Moments Lingerie. Tapering, mesh material attached to ivory-color, embroidered lace, mock neck. Buttons closure. Size increments of Small, Medium, and Large, plus, 1X, 2X, and 3X.

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Heed these sincere words… this totally ivory tinted, completely see-through lace around the neckline, plus, fully mesh about the skirting, Mock Neck Babydoll is beautifully designed by Elegant Moments, delectably discount at LaSensuals Plus Size Lingerie, and the wife is going to look even more stunning than imaginable. The babydoll’s body is made wholly of mesh material that tapers outward from the surround at the bustline, down to the diameter of the thigh-length hem, which is stitched throughout with identical in color, ivory weave. This ivory mesh is then attached in the front to an elaborate, conglomerate of ivory-color embroidery, which consists of one layer of decorated cloth alongside another strip of embroidery embellish, plus in the backside to a single piece of see-through, floral lace, and this makes up the entire mock neck of the lingerie babydoll. There is an ivory button plus a loop of ivory elastic atop the topmost strip of that lace, on the backside of the mock neck, creating the button closure for the babydoll top. This discount, Mock Neck Babydoll lingerie purchase includes a matching mesh g-string, and the mock neck set comes in the size increments of Small, Medium, and Large, plus, 1X, 2X, and 3X.

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