Mauve Babydoll Negligee


Somewhere between absolutely-stunning and simply-marvelous describes this stretchy lace about the top, plus soft mauve microfiber around the bottom, lingerie babydoll from the Escante Lingerie Collection. Discount on LaSensuals. Small/Medium/Large/X-Large.

  • Floral Lace, Halter-Style Top
  • Wide-Spread, Microfiber Skirt
  • Satin Banded Waistband
  • Deep Plunging Neckline
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Somewhere between stunning and simply-marvelous! The lace top on this lingerie babydoll is a stunning piece of stretchy material that connects to the satin-band waistline of a marvelous, mauve-color, microfiber skirt, leads upward and gently surrounds the neck, subsequently trailing downward to fasten along with the opposite side of the waistband, creating a sensually plunging, halter neckline to this Escante Lingerie, Mauve Babydoll on LaSensuals. Patterned within the mauve piece of lace are multiple images of big, blooming flowers mixed into a mixture of budding swirls, and all along the inside edges of the deep-plunging neckline is the embellishing of scallops cut into the lace top. The microfiber skirting on this Mauve Babydoll top is heightened to a widening spread so as to glide gracefully, flow increasingly, plus move marvelously, throughout the banded waistline down to the pearl-stitched hem, along with all the marvelous moves that a wife will make while she is displaying her curves in this stunning babydoll set with cotton g-string included. Available at a discount in size Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large increments.

Once we make the commitment to be a living sacrifice to God, remember that this is a one-time decision that will have multiple course corrections, multiple times a day, for the remainder of life… and this is totally okay, as long as our hearts are right.




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