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If you snooze, you win! Comfort and tranquility triumphant while sleeping through the nighttime as well as resting on the couch at the well-deserved lazy time in this Pajama Pant by Elegant Moments Lingerie spun from 100% charmeuse satin material. Suitable for wear by both husband and wife, whether winter or spring, the authentic satin provides cover plus breathability for the lower torso. The waistband on the sleep pant is appropriate for a sits up towards the waist area, as well as an alternate, slip down to somewhere near the hips region wear by way of a thin piece of adaptable elastic which tunnels nonstop within the identical, ebony-hued, satin charmeuse that shapes both of the long-length legs on the Pajama Pant by Elegant Moments Lingerie. A decorative black button is stitched smack dab to the front center of the waistband, and directly underneath the button-embellish is a classic fashion close-flap fly. Available in size increments Small, Medium, and Large.

We determine the amount of time and energy we spend fighting, soul searching, plus living in the grip of Satan’s strongholds … there is no such thing as falling too far from God’s grace.




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Long sleeping pants by Elegant Moments Lingerie.Long sleeping pants by Elegant Moments Lingerie.Pajama Pant