Low-Back Gown Negligee


Long nightgown from Shirley of Hollywood spun from charmeuse silk and lined with fine lace plus trained at the ankle-length hem on the low back that is suspended by soft and silky spaghetti straps. Discount at LaSensuals Lingerie in size SM-XL. Royal, White, Red, Black.


Divinely dipped and finely laced plus barely trained and beautiful! This long nightgown from the Shirley of Hollywood Collection spun from soft and shiny charmeuse silk keeps her curves covered up in classy while lounging here and there the home with hubby. Wire-free and pad-free cups in charmeuse are trimmed all along the top borders with a fine, dyed-to-match lacing, gathered a bit in the fabric within the bottom borders, and suspended at the tips by soft and silky spaghetti straps that overs the shoulders, pass over eath other in the back, plus dangle the divinely dipped backside of the charmeuse gown. From the crest of the low back through to the base of this barely trained negligee flows the same floral patterned lace that lines the cups so to provide a unique perspective of the lower torso of the lady. The identical, crisscrossing strings that line her bareback also ties into two loops at the center midriff as a fine interlacing between the double lace inserts that vertically decorate the elongated, trained back. This discount, Shirley of Hollywood, long lace and charmeuse gown is available at LaSensuals Lingerie in the size increments of Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

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