Hot Blooded Negligee


Hot Blooded Negligee by Fantasy Lingerie. Love steady and romance hot-blooded in this crisscross at the neckline, teardrop atop the heart, Vixen Collection ensemble with a versatile halter tie for multiple wears. 100% Stretch nylon lace thoroughly embroidered with big ole flower and bud patches surrounded by sheer background. Red. Sold One-Size, Large/X-Large, and Queen-Size.

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Crisscross the heart that love will be steady and that she will always be the focus, and a hot-blooded romance will be the outcome every time your baby sashays this Hot Blooded Negligee from the Vixen Collection by Fantasy Lingerie. 100% Stretch nylon of red rose embroidery delicately forms a ring at the base of the neck, gently supporting the halter cut of the babydoll top, crisscrossing itself at the front, creating a large, teardrop patterned keyhole in the center chest, that is purposed to display the cleavage created by the sensual shape of 32-A through the 46-DDD bust, smack-dab in the middle of the teardrop framing. This same piece of stretchy plus floral embroidered, red lace fabric then flares from the lower border that teardrop cut within the halter top, tippy-topped with the crisscross design, all the way through the short and sassy skirting that will surround the classy curves of a bonafide One-Size, a true size Large/X-Large, and the genuine size of a Queen-Size.

Let us love steady and gain wisdom endlessly through studying The Word. It is a practical guideline to happy living! And, if we allow the Holy Spirit to be our guide, we can enjoy life on this earth.




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