Flirty Maid Roleplay


Flirty Maid Roleplay by Elegant Moments. Fun black/white outfit made of pliable polyester that is decked out by frilly twine around the mini dress hem, short sleeves, and bow-embellished neckline. Full-back. Wrist-high, five-finger caregiver gloves. High-top headpiece.

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Knock, knock … Who is there? … ‘Tis I, thy caregiver. Habitually seize attention made up in this Elegant Moments Lingerie, Flirty Maid Roleplay outfit that is made up mostly from pliable, black polyester which is decked out by frilly little twine around the full-back, mini dress hem, plus the short sleeves and neckline, the edges of the full, wrist-high, five-finger, caregiver gloves, and around the tip of the high-top headpiece which sits atop a headband. Centered just below the virtuous neckline is a conspicuous bowtie of solid-white satin that shimmers and matches the white satin belt that ties into a ribbon at the back of the mini dress while securely supporting a white polyester apron trimmed in black satin as well as a white frill. Care-give the day’s trials and tribulations away in this oh-so-flirty, four-piece, Flirty Maid Roleplay from our Elegant Moments costume collection.

When we truly love The Lord more than we love ourselves, we do not find it necessary to fall apart when situations turn out differently than expected.




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