Flapper Dress

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Swing baby, swing! Footwork and shimmy across the ballroom floor in this fancy Flapper Dress by Elegant Moments Lingerie ensemble with a fabulous Western-style dress decked out with fringe and coordinating sequin headdress decorated by a big-ole plumage. Adjustable spaghetti straps are made out of breathable polyester fabric providing a graceful glide while dancing to the beats of a roaring twenties musical. The cups of the flapper dress are seamed underneath plus overlaid with a sheer mesh material that veneers the spaghetti straps and attaches to the solid-black polyester in the v-cut back of the sleeveless Flapper Dress by Elegant Moments Lingerie providing the layered look about the shoulders. The hem falls down and around the lower thighs where three lengthy layers of a bunch of black fringes trimmed at the tips with three shiny bands in satin line for decoration, one above another, circling thrice below the waistline that dangle and swings while she shimmies and shakes. Available in size increments Small, Medium, Large, 1X/2X, and 3X/4X.

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Flapper dress with feather headdress.Flapper dress with feather headdress.Flapper Dress