Drawstring Pajama Short


Mystic Shorty Short by Ujena Swimwear. Intermingling pastels of purples and browns and blues with tints of reds are dyed into this breathable, nylon/spandex mesh pajama short with a drawstring waistline plus curly pearl-stitch around the leg openings, make for multiple mystical trips into the dreamy world of sleepytime. Nearly sheer. Sold discount on LaSensuals Lingerie. X-Small to 3X.

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Take a mystical ride into dream town! We won’t even begin by telling you how soft this exclusive, Ujena Swimwear, multi-colors, mystic mesh is on the skin… or how the teeny-tiny, little-bitty, orbital-shape holes within the mystic mesh allow the fabric to breathe in the hot summer’s sun. We won’t even tell you about how the Shorty Short of mystic mesh matches this color and that shade since it has all the intermingling pastels of purples and browns plus blues with a tinge of reds… or how, and you can only imagine, this Shorty Short is perfect for lounging about, on the couch, reading a book, plus tossing into a bag, cause the mystic mesh is wrinkle-free, to go and slumber overnight while you stay with some friends. What we will tell you is that this oh so sassy, mystic mesh lounging short from the UjENA Resort Clothes Collection features a drawstring waistline, which sits high up on the hips, pearl-stitching around the leg openings, which hit somewhere around the upper thighs, and that the special, nylon/spandex, which is splattered with mystical colorings, is just about see-through so you can wear something under it. Buy the Shorty Short discount, right here on LaSensuals Lingerie… we have it in the size increments, X-Small to Plus Size 3x… plus, you can purchase the mystic mesh, Shorty Shirt shown in the pictures by clicking on the italicized words.

God’s love is totally unreasonable! As we are told in Romans 5:6, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners who had no use for him… mindblowing!




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