Striped Delphine Sleepshirt


Over-the-top comfortable sleepshirt spun from pure, wrinkle-resistant satin with button-up front and a striking jacquard motif of one big ole pinstripe alongside another lengthy stripe. Relaxed, notched collar. Long sleeves embellished by buttons-free, flat cuffs with contrasting, symmetrical circles. Oversized by iCollection Lingerie. Shop Small to Plus-Size 3X.

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Go to sleepy… be lazy… even sport it as a blouse. This iCollection Lingerie, Delphine Sleepshirt is out-of-this-world pretty, not to mention over-the-top comfortable. The fabric is spun out of the all-time favorite, wrinkle-resistant, 100% polyester, and into a big ole, cozy nightshirt of satin, which can double as a ‘run to the store’ daytime piece, dyed to the color Black, plus pinstriped. Up-and-down the front are dainty black buttons with corresponding buttonholes to keep Delphine closed when you pair them up or allow for exposure when they lay side-by-side. Adjacent to the entire neckline on this oversized sleepshirt is a large, notched collar that rests peacefully about the shoulders and back, and a workable, small pocket rests atop the right-side. Delphine’s reinforced hemline reaches to somewhere near the knees, plus the identical, striped jacquard pattern runs the length of the long sleeves, and surrounding both sleeve borders are button-free and flat cuffs of the same silky fabric, only decorated with a contrasting motif of symmetrical circles around the wide-width satin. Pair this Delphine Sleepshirt with the matching stripes and circles pant in our iCollection camisole sleepwear set, and be set for some cozy huggin’ and kissin’ with hubby.

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