Crochet Teddy

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Tat that pretty torso up in all red! This totally red-hot plus wholly red-hued Crochet Teddy by Elegant Moments Lingerie cheerfully covers an entire upper torso beginning from the around-about where the collar bone meets the neck, extending the length of both arms, down to the wrists, and through to a circling along high atop the hips. The majority of the precious red needlework is just-barely see-through weaving but centered in the front, and middle of the back, this teddy takes a turn to some see-me fashion… cast in an almost, shape of a diamond, all the strands of threading are loosely cross-stitched to create an illusional pattern. Alongside both diamond shapes, in front and back, lacework is tatted in the form of red flowerbeds which cover the remaining midsection of her precious, One-Size body. Find multiple wearing options for this full of weaving and airy lingerie teddy, whether springtime, summertime, or night time and you simply desire to lounge on the couch. This long-sleeve Crochet Teddy featuring lace design by Elegant Moments is available in One-Size.

Just like sweet is on sugar, and cold is on ice, our precious God in Heaven is Glory!




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Crochet teddy with lace midsection.Crochet teddy with lace midsection.Crochet Teddy