White Crochet Chemise Negligee


Enter the honeymoon suite lookin’ all fine in this totally white lingerie negligee of crochet all about the bust, netted into circles and triangles and tiny rows of squares, plus mesh material everywhere else. Floral tapestry cups. Big keyhole backside. Ribbon bow ties closure. Elegant Moments Lingerie. Small to Plus-Size 3X.

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Come and get my love! Fine will be the first thought to enter a groom’s mind once she enters a room attired in this totally white chemise negligee with crochet all about the bust area, plus mesh everywhere else. Each one of the holes within the cross stitch weaving up top holds a significant position, some binding circles, some closing up triangles, some netting side-by-side to form tiny rows of squares, and you can bet your bottom dollar, all of them together cause the husband’s eyes to stare. Knitted in the two spacious triangles that will lay atop her breasts are the elegant tapestries of flowering buds, as well as white embroidery, which mimics the shape of leaves and branches in swirls. This white crochet on this white chemise is bound with mesh material that forms the free-flowing skirt, plus, attached to both sides of the fine needlework, is a pair of white mesh straps that lead to the backside of this Crochet Chemise from Elegant Moments Lingerie, so to tie into a ribbon bow as closure for the negligee immediately above an open-back which then forms the pronounced keyhole. Available on LaSensuals Plus Size Lingerie in the size increments of Small, Medium, Large, 1X, 2X, and 3X.

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