Class Distraction Costume

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Grab full attention from the husband in this Class Distraction schoolgirl costume from Elegant Moments Lingerie. The four-piece ensemble includes a three-fourth sleeve, lightweight coat of navy color, a matching blue camisole top cut to waist-length, a too-cute academic-style skirt made from a mixture of white with a navy-blue plaid printed fabric, plus a private academy attendee tie that clips around the neck. The fasten-free, cropped jacket features lots of trimmings in white embellish, and an “S” emblem outlined with brilliant red threads stitched onto the outside for on and off to peek-a-boo wear. The sassy, blue plaid necktie will dangle back and forth in the center of the checkered neckline on the camisole during the bouncing about as you do a favorite cheer, while the pleated plaid skirt tosses to and fro to expose all the sassy sides of size two to 22 schoolgirls. This Class Distraction Costume from Elegant Moments will be lots of fun for dress-up parties and husband-and-wife private parties where the goal is to draw full attention. Keep the full Class Distraction roleplay going … mix and match the pleated mini skirt, the camisole top, the lightweight coat, plus the tie pieces together with other clothes for more family fun time outfits.

Obedience always comes before freedom.




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